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Atsumi Kawashima

Rakuten Inc.
Senior Manager, ECID
Since I was in elementary school I have an interest in programming, I've started to use computer from the 3rd grade of junior high school, then I was addicted to the Internet from my college days. From that time I created my website on my own, I had off-line meeting with friend I met on the internet. So my history of Internet use has exceeded 20 years.

I've started to work as a system engineer at the kind of System Integrator because I wanted to use the Internet and PC at work. Since then, I've also been interested in the general structure and profitable mechanism of the Internet, I worked as Web director and Web project manager with clients such as UNIQLO, Benesse, Nissen, CASIO, Kansai Electric Power and others. So my career of working in IT industry is more than 17 years.
Currently, I'm working at here in Osaka branch for about 9 years.